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1. New Year Message

2. Upcoming events

1.  Happy New Year . . . Regardless of how you look at it, politically, economically, technology-wise, it will be, let’s just put it this way, “Interesting.”

DACC took a step back at the end of 2016 to evaluate our programs, the attendance, and how we ‘run the organization.’  Overall, we did not attract an attendance that would justify continuing in the same fashion. Therefore, we are trying a new format for 2017 and will see how that works for our members/friends.

Below are the key points of how we plan on keeping DACC going:


DACC-Arizona will continue as a “division” of DACC-SoCal in Los Angeles.

DACC has entered a collaboration with the Swedish and German chambers in Arizona (SACC and GACC) about co-hosting programs and speakers. Besides sharing the work load of organizing events, we believe this will result in more high-quality events, and that the value of networking will improve significantly.

Because of this structure, we will not always have meetings on the same weekday of a month (like third Thursday of the month) and there may be months, where we do not have an event. We will keep you informed well in advance of each event and will try to keep 3-4 scheduled events on the calendar at any time.

The three collaborating chambers will remain separate entities and have their own rules, membership policies, and fees. Also, each chamber may organize individual events, be it professional or social, if/when opportunities arise.



2. Upcoming events

We will have information on 2017 events in the planning.

Look for more in the coming days.



If you wish to reach us before the next event, please write to: torben.riise@gmail.com.

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The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

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