Upcoming Event

Dec. 19, 2016 –

Dear members and friends of DACC

As we are approaching the holiday season and the end of the year, we want to thank everyone for 2016. 

We had a string of excellent speakers and fascinating subjects on the agenda. With a few exceptions, the meetings were not as well attended as we had expected, and we are evaluating whether the turnout justifies the resources going into selecting subjects, speakers, venues, provide refreshments, and make announcements/Facebook/Website updates as well as the following bookkeeping – particularly with a Board that essentially comprises 2-3 people.

As a result, we are in the midst of a dialogue with the Swedish-American and German-American chambers of commerce, and they face some of the same issues as DACC. We will most likely find a format, where the three chambers host joint meetings and share other resources. We believe there are significant advantages to that model. We meet again early January, and while we are “getting on the same page,” DACC has decided to defer the scheduled meeting in January to February.

We will let you know of the subject/speaker and venue as soon as we have the details.

In the meantime, enjoy the festivities and get well into the New Year.

DACC Board

Tea and sweet cookies with New Year decoration in background,selective focus

close up of christmas decoration

Thank You to our sponsor . . .


You have been great throughout the year. See you in 2017.



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